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Lets create an empowered cadre of tribal and rural youth who will initiate and sustain efforts of change.

Health & Nutrition

AROEHAN has impacted the lives of over 15000 pregnant and lactating women and helped over 800+ undernourished children. We have conducted over 3000 sessions with more than 5000 adolescent girls to educate them about life skills and reproductive health.

Local Governance

In the quest for bringing sustainable change to the lives of tribal and the rural population, AROEHAN works closely with villagers through women’s groups and statutory committees of the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat.

Water Conservation

In the last decade, over 100 crores liters of water was stored, increasing soil moisture and regenerating tons of biomass. 200+ small and medium-sized check dams, sub-surface bunds, cordons, and 770 farm ponds with a storage capacity of 35000 liters each have been built.


AROEHAN’s first educational initiative was in 2009 to teach certain life skills to adolescents in tribal villages. Our aim was to make them aware of their capabilities, encourage them to study post-school, and let them know that there are various ways to make a living.
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Working with
150+ gram panchayats
reaching out to approx.
700000 population

Whom we work for

Empowering Tribal Communities

Over the years AROEHAN has implemented various projects for mothers and children, youth, women groups, marginal and landless farmers in more than 150 Gram Panchayats indirectly reaching out to approx 6 to 7 lakh population in the tribal blocks of Palghar, Dahanu, Jawhar, and Mokhada in Palghar district.

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To create an empowered cadre of tribal and rural youth who will initiate and sustain efforts of change in their communities, upholding the values of personal integrity, tolerance, and justice.


To bring sustainable change to the lives of tribal communities and rural poor such that they are empowered to access and utilize their resources to the optimum, keeping in mind the principles of social justice and human dignity.

People Centric

1. Reduce migration by 50%
2. Zero malnutrition deaths
3. No ‘Out of school’ child
4. Establishment of an Educational hub with STEM learning and overall development of children
5. Establishment of a Citizen’s forum with special emphasis on women

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Experience, the joy of volunteering

Why do people volunteer

We all know that volunteers’ contributions help organizations provide services that may not get done otherwise. But volunteers also can gain experience that they may not get elsewhere, such as building their confidence and self-esteem.

Volunteering provides a unique opportunity

It connects people with very specific shared values. Volunteers are also people who also share things like a willingness to step outside their comfort zone, an openness to spending time on a community effort, a proclivity for engaging in team-oriented activities, and a desire to contribute to the well-being of others.  

Meet New People and Build Community

Being a part of a team with a common goal will help you form bonds with strangers that can be life-changing. Volunteering inherently means helping people, and that means you’ll be creating meaningful relationships with others and increasing your social interactions. 

Learn through Experience

Learning about cultures and ways of life that are different from one of your upbringing will increase your social flexibility and expand your world-view. It will also raise awareness of the issues that other people deal with and will increase important social skills like empathy and teamwork.

Success Stories

Empowering Tribal Communities

In the last decade, AROEHAN has increased its footprint across Mokhada, Jawhar, Palghar, and Dahanu blocks of Palghar district and established credibility in the area especially for its work in water conservation, health and nutrition, solar based irrigation and for introducing farmers to second cropping during the rabi season for growing vegetables and engaging in floriculture.

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