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Aroehan : Health

Building Capacities of Frontline Health Workers

AROEHAN conducted a ‘Capacity Building of Frontline Health Workers’ workshop for Anganwadi workers across 6 Gram Panchayats across Dahanu. The two-day workshop was facilitated by Mr. Shailesh Dhekale and Mr. Swapnil Vyavahare from SATHI Organisation, Pune. The first day of training was kickstarted by asking participants to introduce themselves by their first name and their mother’s name, to symbolise the bond between mother and child. This was followed by a slew of innovative activities to learn about human anatomy and roles of internal organs.

Anganwadi Participants place clips of internal organs on the diagram of human body.

The facilitators talked about the body growth and associated structures of multiple organs that form the entire body system. AROEHAN Team sang and enacted the song ‘Me Aye Jaduwala’, written by Dr.Mohan Des, with Anganwadi workers which is a whimsical way to remember the crucial information about body parts and also to teach others.

On day 2, facilitators covered various types of germs (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites), the diseases they cause, and the antibodies and medicines available to treat Anganwadi workers. They spoke of the indicators of identifying malnutrition and how as frontline health workers it can be combated.
During the course of two days, the participants were encouraged to talk about the challenges in their line of work. They raised serious concerns like the epidemic of child marriages, reluctance of the community to take medical help, superstitions, underage pregnancies, systematic challenges to avail necessary schemes to ensure safe motherhood, apathy of some public representatives and government officials, among other concerns.
AROEHAN activists along with Anganwadi workers, performed a play to raise awareness about Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers (NRC) and its importance to combat malnutrition among children. The purpose of such training is to ensure optimal growth of pregnant and lactating mothers and holistic development of young children as well as to expand the capacities of frontline health workers. 36 Angwandi workers were present from Agwan, Ashagad, Asave, Chari Kotbi, Raitali Chandwad and Ranshet Vadhana Gram Panchayats in Dahanu.

Frontline Workers of Dahanu play AROEHAN’s Maternal-Health related Snake and Ladder Game.