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Solar Lights Distribution Aine (Jawhar)

Aine is one of the remotest village in Jawhar Block. The plight of people to access water & electricity is unmatched. The Government Ashram School of Aine faces more challenging situation as they do not have premises of their own. Total strength of this residential school is 200 students out of which 50 girls stay in this school.

Current issues with the Ashram School

1)Two permanent staff and remaining on contract basis for 200 students
2)No classroom or premises for the school:- they have rented 8 houses from villagers to run the classes
3)Availability & Access to water is major challenge
4)No classroom has electricity connection

On this background Aroehan has distributed few solar light systems with the help of Biker Group from Mumbai.

Donation Required:

We also proposed to provide water lifting solution and rain water harvesting structure for school and Aine village.