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SHG visit Sahyadri Farmer producing company

An Exposure visit to Sahyadri Farmer producing company Mohadi & Gayatri Nursery Talegaon Dindori was held on 17th September 2021. Areohan team along with 22 members of 13 SHG’s participated. The objective of the visit was to expose the locals to the modern technology used in the processing and packaging business and encouragement of entrepreneurship skills. SHG members shared details of the processing and packaging of processed food such as grapes, bananas, mango, and tomatoes. Guided in detail the steps such as sorting, grading, packaging, and branding of the product. Continued with the different types of packaging materials such as packets, pouch, Punnett, etc. The idea of Frozen Goodness increases the shelf life and utility. Vegetables like fresh onions, cauliflowers, okra, bitter gourd, pomegranate, other fruits, and vegetables are stored in the form of cubes and slices at the temperature of -18 Degree Celsius. By using frozen goodness freshly processed material can be stored for up to 2 years.

The second half of the visit includes the nursery visit where Mr. Sanjay Sanap gave detailed information on vegetable nursery management. He also explained how to prepare cocoa pit, sowing of seed in trays, diseases and pest management, etc. Growing seedlings as per the requirement and supplying as per the demand is the key to success in vegetable nursery management.