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Tag: Disaster Management Training


Disaster Management Training

AROEHAN organized a two-day training program in collaboration with Maharashtra PECOnet on disaster preparedness along with YUVA and the Resilient Foundation. The training session was conducted by 3 trainers of the Resilient Foundation. The program focused on major disaster acts such as natural disasters and man-made disasters. Difficult situations, disasters, and its handling like Road accidents, earthquakes, cyclones, snake bites, fracture and spasms, fits, etc. followed by the actions to be taken at first sights such as first Aid, First aid bandages and different types of knots.

The second day the session was picked up from the point we left on the first day and continued with the topics about stretchers and their uses, how to make stretchers using various clothes- shirt, handkerchief, etc, CPR techniques. The fire trainer shared information about sources of fire and how it can be caused, gas leakage and various fire-related issues, and fire extinguisher use. A practical demonstration on fire creation and how to use fire extinguishers was given. It was great and fun to use a fire extinguisher.

The number of participants for the training is 25 and Aroehan team.