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AROEHAN Pada Samiti Member

From Self-Help Group Member to Gram Panchayat Member

Nalini Mole from Brahmangaon in Ase Gram Panchayat was part of a Self Help Group. She joined the AROEHAN initiated committee Pada Samiti and got herself trained on the various roles as a pada samiti member can play. She understood the issues of water scarcity in her village, she raised her voice for availing water schemes, however there was no response. Nalini encouraged people in her village towards demanding for their basic needs and also protested at Gram Panchayat. Her efforts have bore results and Nalini has received water in her vicinity. Nalini took a step further and contested for Gram Panchayat elections. She is now part of Gram Panchayat and takes care of issues faced by the villagers in Ase Gram Panchayat.

AROEHAN Self-Help Group President

Resilience and Success: Mango Nurseries in Mokhada

In 2021, three Self Help Groups of landless Adivasi women, and one of women from the Katkari tribe (a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group) in Mokhada embarked on a journey to establish mango nurseries. Unfortunately, they faced several setbacks along the way. These challenges included issues with seed quality, heavy rainfall, and a low germination rate.

Undeterred by these obstacles, the SHGs decided to make a fresh attempt. This time, they collected local seeds from villagers, ensuring better seed quality. To create an optimal environment for the saplings, they ingeniously constructed a low-cost polyhouse using recyclable materials like polythene. This polyhouse allowed them to nurture the seedlings under controlled environmental conditions.

Their dedication and hard work finally paid off, yielding successful results. In August of this year, they successfully cultivated 8,500 mango grafts.